Threads of Hope Weavers


Weaving in Guatemala is like wonderful baking in North America...Favorite recipes are passed down for generations, and so are weaving styles and techniques passed from Mayan women to their daughters. As it has been done for centuries, the cloth is 100% hand-woven on the back-strap loom. Lovingly taught by their mothers, the weavers use just the right amount of tension, the most intricate designs, and the most carefully chosen colors...a perfect recipe!

Threads of Hope uses only the highest quality 100% cotton yarn. Every skein is hand-washed and line-dried by each weaver before stringing her loom. Therefore, color bleeding and fading will be minimal.

More than 35 K'ekchi' women have been invited into this co-op based on their weaving skill and their financial need. With this income, they can buy food for their families, and send their children to school.