My Neighbor And Me sells fair trade products from Gambia, Guatemala, and Peru, as well as products from the local community.
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Jesus said that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. What does this mean today?
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Fair Trade

Learn all about fair trade and what you can do to help.
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Jona and his Drum

4/17/2014 12:46:16 PM

The Grand Opening of the gift shop on Main Street was a BIG, wonderful day
celebrated by my family, friends, neighboring businesses, and loyal
customers. A big, special part of the day was Jona leading a Drum Circle.

Within an hour of Mayor Wilson Kirby cutting the ribbon to welcome My
Neighbor and Me onto Berryville’s Main Street, Jona started to drum in the
Gathering room of the shop and invited others to join him. The shop was
filled with the sound of music.

Jona Masiya holds a BA of Arts in Education from Africa University and a
Master of Music Education from Shenandoah University, Winchester VA. He is
currently studying for an Ethnomusicology PhD. Jona is a distinguished
teacher and player of the Djembe, Ngoma, and Mbira. He taught Mbira,
Marimba, and Music theory in Zimbabwean high schools and at Masvingo
Teachers’ college. Jona taught World Music and led an African Emsemble at
Shenandoah University, and now performs and teaches drumming privately in
Virginia. His works can be assessed at
Jona will return to the shop on Friday, May 2 7p-9p to lead a drum circle.
Plan to stop by to enjoy great music and join in!