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Why I chose the name "My Neighbor and Me"
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Walking with Giraffes

3/20/2015 11:57:31 AM

I took my first trip to Africa in January to visit my husband’s brother in Kenya. It was a memorable trip of long flights, traffic jams in Nairobi, afternoon chai tea with old and new friends, visiting the Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve, a trip to Tanzania, and exploring my brother-in-law’s home area surrounding Eldoret.

On our first day in Eldoret, James wanted to drive us to two famous sites- Kerio View and the Kruger Farm. Kerio View is located in Iten; the city of world-class long-distance runners and high altitude training. The Hotel is perched at the edge of the Kerio Valley escarpment with stunning views and the premier African site for paragliders. After a tasty lunch, we headed to the Kruger farm to meet a friend of James.

We didn’t know until we arrived on the farm complex that we were entering one of the largest grain farms in Kenya with 1000 acres set aside for the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe. After visiting with Yani Kruger, Luke was assigned to take us on a walking tour of the farm.

We walked on the dirt lane past the house, silos, out-buildings, and headed into the fields. We welcomed the relief from the sun while passing through a eucalyptus tree forest only to come to a pond where four giraffes were drinking. The sight took my breath away. After gazing several minutes in quiet, Luke led us along the pond towards the edge of a field. From this vantage point, we counted ten giraffes including a 2 month-old baby giraffe. Unbeknownst to us, two giraffes were feeding behind us…one decided to come for a closer look. We had the privilege to walk with him.