My Neighbor And Me sells fair trade products from Gambia, Guatemala, and Peru, as well as products from the local community.
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Why I chose the name "My Neighbor and Me"
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Fair Trade

Learn all about fair trade and what you can do to help.
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Justice for All

1/24/2015 4:11:15 PM

Have you ever become angry at something that made your blood boil not because it directly affected you but because it was harming someone else?

A core foundation of the fair trade relationship is justice.

As I prepare to leave in a few days to visit my brother-in-law, James, in Kenya, I will be pondering the effects of the fair trading relationship with artisan groups in Africa. As I ponder, I plan to work on completing the application to become a certified fair trade retailer with the Fair Trade Federation.

My thoughts on the importance of justice will continue to be shaped and molded.