Maggie's Organics


We work diligently to make sure every Maggie's product stands on its own our VP of Sales always says: "oh and by the way, it's a great pair of socks". And of course that is the main reason to spend your hard-earned money on anything you buy. But at Maggie's, we feel there is more to it than that. When you look behind the label, there are many other great reasons to choose Maggie's. What we really want to emphasize to you is this: it's all connected. When we pay our organic farmers a fair price, and we hang out with them and get to know their trials and tribulations...when we treat our knitters and our packagers and the guys who load our trucks, with dignity and respect...well, that is what makes a great pair of socks. It may sound crazy, but we know it to be true. There really is kinetic energy in everything...and we believe that you cannot really separate our Socks or our Leggings or our Hair Bands from the hands of the people who make them.