Peruvian Treasures


Peruvian Treasures provides knitwear for children as well as limited items for adults. Luisa Tapia, a fashion designer, started her business as a way to assist her family back in Peru. All items are fair trade items, handcrafted by either her family, members of her sister's church, or purchased from small home businesses in Peru.

All of Peruvian Treasures items are made of Alpaca fiber or Peruvian pima cotton. Alpacas are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated for centuries by the Inca of Peru, their precious fleece was worn only by royalty. Alpaca produce over twenty natural shades of a fiber that is soft like cashmere and stronger than wool. This unique hollow core fiber is extremely light yet retains the ability to warm its wearer against even the harshest winter chills.

Peruvian pima cotton is prized all over the world as a luxury fiber and is called 'gamuza' by the Peruvians, meaning suede in Spanish because of its silky soft feel and brilliant luster. The silky soft feel is a result of the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru where it is cultivated. Peruvian pima cotton is harvested by hand, resulting in a brilliant white shade that can be easily dyed.